These are the top 3 prepaid debit cards you should be going for at all times!

What are the qualities that really make a certain prepaid debit card the top choice? Well, this is exactly what I want to talk about in this article! There are certain features in a prepaid card program such as how flexible these cards are when it comes to all that spending and bill payments, that set them from the rest.

Also, another quality you should be looking for is how much acceptance does a certain prepaid card have? These qualities add up at the end of the day so, here are the top 4 prepaid debit cards that have these features and more.

The Kaiku prepaid visa card

This prepaid credit card has the features that I previously mentioned as well as some additional such as the fact that this card excludes you from a lot of fees such as fees charged for activation, usage and more.

Another feature that I consider to be great for customers that might not be that familiarized with technology and using prepaid cards is that this card provides easiness when it comes to transfers from card to cards.

The American Express Bluebird

Another top choice when it comes to prepaid credit cards. Why? Well, because like the one previously mentioned, this card barely has any fees which are always a plus for its customers.

Also, it gives you the option for paying your bills with online bills or if you want another alternative, you can pay with paper checks. But let’s face it? Do people even write checks anymore? Don’t think so! At least you still have the choice to do so here!

Another great one: The Account Now visa card

As you are clearly seeing, there is one thing these cards have in common, they all basically have no fees and, this card is no exception to that rule! I consider these cards to be very fit for customers that use them on an occasional basis.

Honestly, and this is just my opinion, I think this card should be your top choice if you happen to be a very cheap person always looking for bargains. Because, this card is considered by some, to be the cheapest when it comes to prepaid cards.


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