Here are 3 of the most bizarre things celebrities have gotten insurance for!

It is no secret to anyone in the world that some celebrities are truly insane. I mean, they do stuff that can seriously make you consider what the heck is wrong with the world right? Well, this also happen in the insurance world. Celebrities have gotten insurance for some really crazy things.

Did you think they were going to limit themselves to just going for foremost insurance by getting car or house insurance? Well, you could not be any more wrong! So, in this article I want to show you the crazy things celebrities have done when it comes to insurance.

Some people like to keep their smile great but, America Ferrera went a step further by insuring her teeth!

I bet you did not even know this could be done but, now you do! In case you didn’t know this was actually done for a logical reason. America Ferrera works with Aquafresh by advertising their products so, they made sure that insurance protects her as much as they can by insuring it for around ten million dollars? I know, crazy!

Did you actually think that David Beckham’s body was going to go unnoticed by insurance companies?

Well, think again my friend. David Beckham definitely knows how to raise the temperature and bring in lots of dough with his sexy body so, it is only natural that he made sure that his whole body is covered by insurance. Supposedly, his body is insured for almost two hundred million dollars.

There are definitely no small numbers for Beckham when it comes to Beckham and his body!

Jennifer Lopez and her gigantic butt!

There are some body parts in celebrities that definitely stand out more than other and Jennifer Lopez has definitely made a career out of showing her butt! It is said that this lovely part of her body is insured for almost 30 million dollars! Do celebrities ever work with thousands? Everything is about millions with celebrities, right?

At the end of the day, I find it kind of logical celebrities choose to get certain parts of their body insured as they definitely guarantee big money for the company they may be representing at the moment!


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